Bristol Old Courts

The site is mentioned in 1328 as a Medieval prison site which stood next to plague pits. There was a fire in 1832 and the present building built in its place. It sits on a triangle of land in the city centre known as Bridewell Island, which consists of a police station, fire station, police HQ and the law courts. All listed buildings with new uses.

The courts closed in the 1980's and lay derelict until 2008. It has since been used as an art and music venue and also for Airsoft.

Reported paranormal activity includes shadow figures, people being poked or having their clothes pulled and cell doors opening or closing.

We started investigating on the ground floor, which is where all the old cells are. As if often the case, things seemed to be very active to start. In the largest 'family cell' several of our devices were going off, we thought we could hear a dragging noise, someone else thought they could hear a breath and there was a handle on an equipment case banged, although video needs to be checked to see if this was natural or not. We also heard a noise on the evp which sounded like a cell door squeaking although we didn't physically see it. Things then fell flat quite quickly so we moved on.

Brave cameraman Frazer volunteered (almost) to do a lone vigil down in the oldest cell and managed to stay for half an hour while having some interesting emf and noise reactions. At this point 2 people thought they heard something like a female voice. There were then lots of quite loud bangs and what sounded like things being moved around above us - we had to put this down to the owner of the building who was upstairs. We split up into several of the cells and sat quietly before calling out. The atmosphere seemed quite calm and comfortable and apart from some slight noises, uneventful. We used a set of keys as a trigger object but we had no movement from them.

We then decided on a group session in the old cell. Again we had some strange emf readings and what sounded like Airsoft pellets being thrown. (All the floors are littered with tiny glow in the dark pellets)

Our last vigil happened in the main courtroom. The team thought a reenactment of a murder case might bring forth some activity. Again we heard a small dragging noise and it would seem more pellets were thrown - we didn't see them physically move, but we could hear them drop to the ground. A shadow was seen in the doorway of the room and we had some interference with the lazer grid flickering, then brightening.




This episode of Ghost Response will be available  to watch on Amazon Prime later this year


Thanks to everyone involved.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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