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The Radstock Hotel  From £40pp! Sat 2nd March 2019


Exclusive to our team. We have investigated this location several times and have had mind blowing activity each time

Join us on an investigation of The Radstock Hotel,  Formally known as the Waldegrave Arms.

Situated in Somerset Radstock has been settled since the Iron Age, and its importance grew after the construction of the Fosse Way, a Roman road. The growth of the town occurred after 1763, when coal was discovered in the area. Large numbers of mines opened during the 19th century including several owned by the Waldegrave family, who had been Lords of the Manor since the English Civil War. Admiral Lord Radstock, brother of George, fourth Earl Waldegrave, took the town's name as his title when created a Baron.

Ghost hunt only is £40

All other options include 3 course meal

This location has as far as we are aware, never been investigated by any other paranormal team, despite stoies of a gypsy curse upon room 7, and an uneasy feeling in room 1. Many have said they have been unable to sleep in room one as they have a constant feeling of being watched.

There is also mention of a female spirit that is said to haunt this old hotel!!

With underground tunnels and creaky corridors, old stables and much more.....Will we encounter any Spirits still residing here???

Why not join us as we try to uncover the truth of the haunting of Radstock hotel

Please see our website for full terms and conditions of events.

When Booking a double or twin room - This includes a 3 course meal for 2, Investigation for 2, the room, and breakfast for 2.