Gloucester Prison

We started the evening with a meal at Cafe Rene - said to be haunted by monks associated with the church next door, sadly we didn't have time to check it out! It was a very chilly evening and we were keen to get started.

Spiriteam were joined by Paranormal Nights UK

We had lots of history for this location as it is built on the site of a demolished castle. There is also great documentation of its early prisoners and its many executions.

Reported paranormal activity is of a lady spirit in cell 25 on the A3 landing, Shadow figures on C wing and in the chapel balcony, footsteps and cell doors slamming.

Our first investigation area was the Workshop where there are several rooms. The first room did seem to have some activity, an LED light ball placed on the floor was activated several times. Prison staff have reported a shadow figure in this area which we hadn't previously heard of. An SLS camera seemed to be tracking a figure for a time and we suffered several equipment malfunctions but overall the room felt quite calm and comfortable. We then moved into the carpentry rooms. Here we felt there was some movement at the back of the room and most people were picking up various noises, squeaks, taps and a whistle.

Our next area was the kitchens. We were told this was a hotspot for activity. We did get a few bits and pieces in here, knocks and some footsteps. Our K2's flickered several times. We had done an EMF sweep previously and found nothing, so this was interesting. Dave thought he had seen a shadow in a small room off the main kitchen but the atmosphere was quite flat when it was investigated.

Onto the Chapel. This is modern in appearance and fairly plain. While calling out we did have some reactions on our handheld devices, but some felt that they had heard another female voice and possible footsteps just outside in the corridor.

The Healthcare block which used to be the old Debtors prison really had no atmosphere at all, so after a walkround we decided to miss out this area and head over to the Old Gatehouse.

The Gatehouse or 'Prison Lodge' had recently been used as a museum but this is originally where the executions would have taken place from a scaffold on the roof. We decided to investigate a room upstairs. Again, the atmosphere was quite flat but we did receive a few hits on devices.

Overall, we and other teams felt it had been a quiet night but we had a few bits and pieces to keep us entertained and it was lovely to meet some old and some new investigator friends.

As always, we will see if any further activity shows itself in reviewing.


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Thanks to everyone involved.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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Barrack Square, Gloucester GL1 2JN