Margam Castle

It was a chilly night, but a what a great place. It must have been amazing in its heyday. We had some activity before we had even set up so we were expecting good things!

The Castle was built in 1840 on land that had already been occupied for 4000 years. An abbey had stood on site since the 11th Century and ghostly monks are seen in the vicinity.

The house belonged to the Talbot family until 1941 and soon after fell into disrepair and suffered vandalism. A fire in 1977 left the castle a gutted shell but the local council are doing their best to restore it.

The ghosts reported are a former gamekeeper named Robert Scott, shot by a poacher. A former owner Emily Talbot seen as a white figure, a Blacksmith seen as a large black shadow and some children seen in Victorian dress.

During the walkaround, someone picked up on a monk like figure and Alan thought he heard his name called. Two of us could smell a strong smell of biscuits! Custard creams in the library anyone?!

Just before we started investigating we had some excitement when Dave saw a dark figure behind the grand staircase. He saw 'him' step out and retreat as if he didn't want to be seen.

Er spent some time in the Drawing room and adjoining dining room and picked up some noises and a child's giggle. There were also faint footsteps and someone thought they could hear a grandfather clock ticking - there wasn't one.

We spent most of the time in the old nursery area where we had a great deal of response on our devices, several stones were thrown within the room and we heard knocks, whistles and shuffles.

We moved to the grand staircase where we again had lots of response from the rempod and mel meter, which is unusual.

In another area, several people felt their hands had been touched and rings played with which was interesting.

An interesting night and fun with our friends from South Bristol Paranormal



This episode of Ghost Response will be available  to watch on Amazon Prime later this year


Thanks to everyone involved.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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