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Kelly Chalke is a mum of 5 children and a qualified nail technician. Her interest in the paranormal started from around the age of 11 when she believed she witnessed a full apparition of a young child in her bedroom one morning. She also has a keen interest in medium skills and has in recent months been enhance her own senses, kelly would describe herself as a sensitive. And is keen to develop this ability further. Frazecand kelly has over the years had unexplainable occurrences in their own home and has had mediums attend to help, some occurrences started happening early this year and kelly found a local paranormal team to come and check it out, that team included dave! Kelly joined their team on an investigation and was immediately hooked, so much so she decided she wanted to make her own team. Shortly after dave joined kelly and frazer and Spiriteam was born! Kelly is the management of the team and deals with booking locations, pre meeting with clients, events, and also does all the editing for ghost response, amazon series. Although this is a lot of work to also fit around her children she has never felt happier since starting Spiriteam

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Dave cook investigator at ghost response. By trade I'm a gardener and love the outdoors! I also have a massive love for movies, although my real passion is for the paranormal world. I have believed in the parnormal since a young child and have watched most parnormal shows. But I always wanted to do my own investigating. iv seen many unexplainable things and just would like to share to the world what ive experienced. At the beginning of the year I had my own team. Then I meet Kelly and frazer not long after. I later was asked to join spirteam which has been epic from the start. ive loved every minute with the team.



Frazer Chalke, audio/video tech and camera man for SpiriTeam "Ghost Response" TV show on Amazon, was previously a carpenter with in the building trade and is currently a project manager with in the building trade. Frazer from a very young age was interested in electronics always taken toys which his parents gave to him as a child and then proceeded to take them apart to find out how they work. He’s always been good with computers and electronics and has a strong interest in editing and production.

He was first intrigued by the paranormal after watching the hit TV programme Most Haunted back in 2002 this is where the excitement of the unknown griped him but has all been very sceptical.

Frazer’s fascination with the paranormal field along with his Wife Kelly Chalke the founder and lead investigator grew stronger as soon after he met Dave Cook founder and Investigator from a previous team. The three of them hit it off and then SpiriTeam was born April 2017, all three are founders off SpiriTeam.

Frazer soon became very busy with handling a multitude of tasks behind the camera as well as evidence review to location preparation. Frazer considers himself to be a sceptical-believer after having unexplained experiences since starting this adventure.

Aside from the Amazon show that he has been a part of, Frazer enjoys all aspects of cinematography and photography.



Sammy Robinson, camera man for Spirteam "Ghost response"

From a young age Sammy was kind of an odd ball and a bit of a black sheep spending a lot of his time listening to heavy metal music and skateboarding alone to be with his thoughts.

Not in a depressing way, was just what he enjoyed doing.

When Sammy was approached from Kelly and Frazer to help out with filming he was very excited to apart of it as Sammy really enjoys filming things like from his younger years capturing himself skateboarding.

Finds working with Spiriteam very interesting as he is a sceptic in the paranormal. Would very much like to believe but is in need of solid evidence to believe that way.

That is why he thoroughly enjoys doing what he does with Spiriteam