I've always been fascinated by the paranormal and had my first experience when I was twelve years old. I saw the ghost of a girl, aged about 7 in my bedroom. She had dark hair, wore period clothing and was sat with her hands round her knees. Another family that lived in the house had a son who refused to sleep in that room so I don't think it was my imagination.


My interest as an adult was fuelled when we started to experience things in our family home. As a busy mum of five, I started out very much a susceptible believer and at first sought answers from mediums, but since we've started investigating I've become more intent on finding solid rational answers. I'm still interested in my own sensitivity skills but at the same time lean towards scientific explanations.


I am the main presenter of our Ghost Response Haunted UK show and I enjoy working alongside fellow investigators, learning and sharing investigation techniques. I am very much a people person and love to chat and bounce ideas around. Due to my outgoing personality I tend to take the lead for most of our investigations but I'm quite relieved when others take a turn.


I hope through our paranormal journey we capture some outstanding evidence of the existence of spirit. We have met some amazing people and have travelled to some great places. I feel we are going from strength to strength!

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I work as a gardener and love being out in the fresh air. I'm also mad about movies, but my greatest passion is the paranormal.


I've been a believer from a young age. I still live in the house where I grew up and we've always had strange things going on here, it's where I saw my first apparition of a man. I've been lucky enough to have seen others, funnily enough, all in pubs! My interest grew as I got older and I eventually decided to start a paranormal team of my own. Not long after, we were called in by Kelly & Frazer to investigate their home and we became good friends, and the rest is history!


I love working with the team, we have some good banter and see some amazing locations together. Spiriteam has become a big part of my life.


Although I believe, I know that lots of things are easily explained but my passion for finding evidence grows stronger everyday.



I became intrigued in the paranormal around 2002 when I started watching paranormal programmes. I've always been very sceptical, but find the possibilities of the unknown very exciting. After having a few unexplained experiences since starting this adventure, I now consider myself a sceptical-believer.


I've always had a knack with computers and from a young age, was interested in electronics and would take my toys apart to find out how they worked.


I have a background as a carpenter in the building trade but now work full time at Spiriteam Productions. I enjoy everything about cinematography and edit our show Ghost Response which keeps me busy. I have a multitude of tasks from location preparation, all aspects of filming and many, many hours of evidence reviewing.


I had my first real taste of activity when we were filming at Fort Widley. The video clip of me being pushed went viral, you'll find it on our YouTube channel. I'll admit, it made me very nervous!



I consider myself a bit of an oddball. I've always been into heavy metal music and horror films and have a bit of an obsession with skulls!


I've always been interested in filming and from a young age would create skateboarding videos of myself and friends so we could watch them together. I was really interested when I was offered the chance to help film an investigation and since becoming a full member of the team, I haven't looked back.


I am a sceptic and will do my best to debunk everything but I've experienced a few things I can't explain. My favourite location so far has been The Savoy Theatre in Wales. I did a small performance on stage, a little experiment the team had devised to get the energy going in the room. It really seemed to work, in fact my hand received a really cold chill as if I had been given a ghostly handshake. I also got some intelligent responses during a lone vigil and although this hasn't turned me into a full believer, I've opened my mind to the possibility.


I would really love to investigate an old asylum, they always have great stories attached to them and hope one day to catch a full apparition on film.




I've been fascinated by ghosts for as long as I can remember, but the more I investigate, the more skeptical I become. I would describe myself as an open-minded sceptic. I want to believe but I need undeniable proof and I've become very critical of what is put forward as evidence. Although, psychology explains a lot, I have a few personal experiences that remain unexplained, so I'll keep searching for the answers - even if that means one day I'll conclude ghosts don't exist.


I used to watch all the paranormal shows but found them to be increasingly unrealistic. I'd never dreamed I'd be  involved in making one, not least because I'm a complete cameraphobe! I don't like having my photo taken so being on film is really outside my comfort zone. I'm having to work really hard at that. It's important to me that Ghost Response is a true representation of what really happens during an investigation, and I can honestly say I trust the team to stay true to that.


I love researching locations, the history and the hauntings and feel very lucky that I spend all my time doing just that, both for investigation purposes and to write my books. I've always written up investigation reports, as founder of Paranormal Wiltshire so I can't stress enough, how important it is to write everything down during an investigation because it's guaranteed as soon as you're back in the car, you'll have forgotten pretty much everything!


I love going into the dusty, hidden parts of buildings like the attics and cellars that most people never get to see and while we take our investigating seriously, we have a lot of fun and I just love it all!