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Newbridge Memo

Spiriteam were joined by Steve from Griffin Paranormal to film at Newbridge Memorial Hall on Saturday.

The Institute was built in 1904 and the Memo' as it is known was built in 1924, they were combined as a purpose built community centre which includes a cinema, ballroom, theatre, library and reading rooms. It also has a memorial to the locals who died during both World Wars. The project was all paid for by local miners.

The Memo is reputedly haunted by several ghosts and there are particular areas where staff don't like to go alone.

During our walk through people were picking up on female voices and some odd noises so we were keen to get started. We all began in the ballroom which has been an active area in the past. We did receive some knocks and taps and some whistle noises so we felt we were off to a promising start, however things really seemed to fall flat after this.

Two of us sat on the small stage where a presence has been felt and for a brief moment it did feel as if someone was standing behind us, but in all it was quiet.

Dave did a lone vigil in the projection room and I in the theatre. Disappointingly, both areas were again flat but Kelly and Steve were picking up bits and pieces in the dressing rooms including footsteps and a possible female voice.

We spent the next ten minutes in the corridor by the ticket booth which is known to be active, but again nothing and we ended in the reading rooms, again flat.

So over all, a quiet night for us. It happens! We'll see if anything shows up on film that we may have missed at the time.

However, The Memo is a great location, the theatre is very impressive and worthy of further investigation.



This episode of Ghost Response will be available  to watch on Amazon Prime later this year


Thanks to everyone involved.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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