Nothe Fort

It was a glorious evening for our investigation of Nothe Fort on Saturday, warm and bright.

Spiriteam were joined by ESN Paranormal to film Ghost Response, also Dave from The Dorset Paranormal Research Team who happens to be on the forts committee.

After the initial interviews and a walk through we split into two teams and ours started off in the Weymouth at War room.

We started calling out and also played some music from the war era to see if it would encourage communication.

Russ from ESN, who is a medium, could sense there was a female presence who wanted to come forward, he later felt there was a male who was trying to influence another investigator, making him feel dizzy.

There was a lot of background noise due to humming machinery so we had to concentrate very hard, but there were a couple of noises possibly out of the ordinary. A short whistle was heard and Kelly thinks she heard a voice say 'yes', we will check the voice recorders to see if this was picked up. At one point, a loud noise upstairs occurred, so three people went up to investigate. It was debunked as the other team had walked through and a door closed behind them. It was incredible how the noises echoed, mainly due to ventilation shafts.

Our next investigation area was the Naafi.

This was a display area, set up as a store with old fashioned goods and many mannequins!

Winston Churchill's famous speech and some air raid sirens were played and it was quite atmospheric. Russ felt any energy would be residual and picked up on a man possibly named Mick/Michael who may have designed the display or had a strong connection to it. Rod, one of the fort's staff members couldn't recall anyone of that name so this is at present unverified. It was noted that there was very high EMF readings near the doorway, which may account for our K2 readings and some of the activity reported in that area.

We moved onto the old Blacksmith's Room upstairs. To start with we had several devices on the floor which were going crazy, they subsided after being moved out into the hallway and then returning them although we were unsure of the source.

We were disturbed for a time due to hearing the movement of the other team close by but then Kelly thought her ear had been touched and seemed to be effected by a sudden coldness, even though the temperature reading seemed to rise by several degrees.

A small groan was heard so we did a quick evp burst and when played back we heard a strange noise which we didn't hear in real time, so that will be interesting to review. The Mel meter then turned itself off.

We then had time to do some lone vigils. I went to the water tank room for about 20 minutes but had absolutely nothing.

One group had a bit of excitement when they found themselves locked in the derelict area, accidentally, when the fort was being closed for the night!

I think everyone had an interesting time, there were rooms we didn't have time to investigate but that's often the case. I expect we'll go back again.

This episode of Ghost Response is available  to watch on Amazon Prime.

Thanks to everyone involved.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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