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Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions have been put in place to ensure that all guests, team members and venues get the best out of our events and so that our investigations / events are carried out in a safe and friendly environment, which MUST be adhered to at all times. This is to ensure that the safety, welfare and enjoyment of our guests is not compromised in any way or at any time:


1.NO under 18’s permitted due to Health and Safety.




2.Alcohol and drugs should NOT be consumed prior to or during any event with Spiriteam. This WILL result in the person being asked to leave and discreetly escorted from the premises regardless of any transport issues. NO refund will be given.




3.Smoking IS NOT permitted inside any building. If there are designated areas, guests WILL BE advised accordingly but we CANNOT guarantee that these facilities will be readily available.




4.NO pregnant ladies permitted due to Health and Safety.




5.Any medical issues and / or illnesses MUST be made known prior to any event so that the Spiriteam team can assess the person’s suitability and are aware of any precautions that need to be taken.




6.All bookings MUST be paid for via PayPal, Spiriteam website, Or Bank transfer. There is a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT unless stated otherwise. Payments can be made in installments at the discretion of Spiriteam. The balance MUST be paid in full by the date specified (usually One Month before). If full payment is NOT received by the date specified, guests WILL BE contacted and advised to pay the outstanding balance IMMEDIATELY or risk losing their space(s). We cannot and WILL NOT reserve any spaces, payment is required to secure any spaces. Confirmation emails are sent out once payment has been received.




7.We require 30 DAYS NOTICE prior to an event for any cancellations made or the person risks losing full payment. Bookings CANNOT be sold or transferred under any circumstances. Any unwanted spaces and / or cancellations WILL BE re-advertised by  Spiriteam. Guests are asked to display their ticket(s) on the night as proof of their booking.




8.Guests MUST sign in on arrival, without doing so they WILL NOT be permitted to participate in any event.




9.Spiriteam promise to update all information on any social media and our website as and when necessary. However, it is the guest’s responsibility to check that all information is correct and up to date before attending an event with us. A refund and / or compensation WILL NOT be given under any circumstances should any guest fail to check that all information is accurate and up to date. Guests are advised to contact the Spiriteam if they are unsure of anything or have any queries.




10.PLEASE take us and our events seriously, anyone who doesn’t abide by our rules WILL BE asked to leave and discreetly escorted from the premises despite any transport issues.




11.Spiriteam CANNOT guarantee paranormal activity and this WILL NOT result in any person receiving a refund. Any person(s) caught faking activity WILL BE asked to stop at once and if their behaviour continues, they WILL BE asked to leave and discreetly escorted from the premises.




12.We DO NOT tolerate bullying, racism or harassment of any kind. PLEASE be respectful of others and their beliefs. Anyone acting in a disruptive, disrespectful and / or aggressive manner WILL BE dealt with IMMEDIATELY. Both guests and team members MUST act in a way that does not cause offence, injury or harm to anyone or damages to the environment and property.




13.All guests and team members MUST also abide by the rules and regulations set out by the venues we attend.




15.All statements made by our team members is the sole opinion of the individual and not that of Spiriteam. No perceived predictions, opinions, information, advice or comments made by a member of  Spiriteam should be interpreted as factual.




16.Advertising on our Facebook page is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN unless permission has been granted by Spiriteam




17.Guests MUST wear warm clothing and sensible footwear suitable to the weather conditions and environment. Temperatures can drop dramatically especially at night. Flooring and / or terrain is often uneven and can change unexpectedly. Guests MUST also bring a torch and spare batteries to safely aid movement within an unlit or darkened environment. Safety is paramount at all times.



18.Events are only cancelled due to conditions beyond our control. Should this happen guests WILL BE informed IMMEDIATELY and a refund WILL BE given unless appropriate measures have been made to reschedule the event. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE however, and WILL NOT be refunded under any circumstances unless Spiriteam are at fault. A credit note can be issued if requested, and used for another event with Spiriteam. Any expenses including travel and / or accommodation incurred due to the cancellation of an event is the guest’s responsibility and a refund and / or compensation WILL NOT be considered under any circumstances.



19.Guests are also encouraged to bring and use their own paranormal equipment if they wish. But Spiriteam WILL NOT be liable for the safe keeping of guest’s equipment and personal belongings.




20.Spiriteam IS NOT liable for any loss or damages of personal belongings, vehicles or equipment before, during and after any event. It is the person’s own responsibility to ensure that their personal belongings, vehicles and / or equipment are safe and secure. We are also NOT liable for any loss or damages caused by suspected paranormal activity.




21.We DO use recording equipment on our events. By attending any of our events guests accept that they may be captured in any digital recordings or photos and / or videos taken and agree to the use of these recordings or photos and / or videos being used on any social media, Youtube , Spiriteams website or even commercially.




22.There are NO sleeping arrangements provided on any of our events unless stated otherwise. Any persons seeking accommodation MUST make their own arrangements. Spiriteam WILL NOT be liable for any accommodation / sleeping arrangements made by guests even in the event of an event being cancelled.




23.Transport is NOT provided, everyone MUST make their own way there and back.




24.Guests booking on any Spiriteam events adhere to our rules and hereby AGREE to our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.




25.By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions detailed here and set out by Spiriteam, guests further indemnify all members of the Spiriteam and those associated with them from and against all legal liability. Any costs, expenses and losses incurred, any claims and / or demands made, any damages and / or injuries caused, any actions and proceedings taken, arising from any participation at any event with Spiriteam the sole responsibility of each guest and not that of Spiriteam.