The Angel Inn

Lots of great history for The Angel, said to be the seventh oldest inn in England with a surviving stretch of wall dating to 1174. Most of it was destroyed in Andover's Great Fire of 1435 when it was owned by Winchester College and informally known as the College Inn. It was rebuilt by 1445, twice the size that it is today, forming a square with an inner courtyard with a balcony running all the way round. It's hosted many important visitors including King John, Edward I, Edward II, Catherine of Aragon, James II and Prince George of Denmark. The Angel was used as a Guild Hall and Magistrates Court around 1825 and for vestry meetings and coroner's jury while St.Mary's church was being built in 1840. There are known to be blocked tunnels heading towards the church. The inn is said to have several spirits including two elderly Victorian farmers in the back bar, a black dog whose paw print and scratches can be seen in a flagstone, the presence of a woman in a first floor corridor, nicknamed Winifred, whose skirts are heard rustling, another lady - or perhaps the same one? sits at the end of the main bar and is associated with the dog. All the bar stools are placed on the bar at the end of the night but she has been known to put hers back down on the floor in the middle of the night, waking the landlords with the disturbance. There is a male figure, George, a coachman who chaperoned women during the times of Jack the Ripper. He is seen walking past the entrance to the Pool Room, also a young boy known as Thomas in the area of the ladies toilets where boots have been seen under the door by a lady using the facilities. Both staff and customers have seen glasses levitate and land the right way up on the floor. People have their names called, have seen strange blue lights and do not like to enter the cellar. There is also a rumour of someone, perhaps a Royal, was buried in a wall! This cannot be verified of course, but the landlady did show us a wall which has an excessive thickness of around 20 extra inches compared to all the other rooms. The pub has has many changes over the years and has lots of quirky spaces. After a walkthrough with the landlady and hearing all the tales, we also spoke to some locals who had their own experiences. While cameras were being set up we took the short walk to St.Mary's Church. Sadly it was locked but it was worth a look round and to see the Norman Arch. We started investigating upstairs in the bedrooms. We thought we heard some dull knocks although we knew there were still a few customers downstairs and couldn't rule out contamination. We also had to be aware that there was a pub cat wandering around the upstairs. Meanwhile someone did a lone vigil in the cellar which was uneventful. We spent some time in the corridor and seemed to get some strong responses on the emf detectors. At one point I discovered a blistery scratch on my wrist. I didn't feel it happen and am sure it wasn't paranormal related, although it caused a bit of excitement at the time! A strong perfume was reported although there were some plug-in air fresheners which could account for the sudden smells. The landlady's bedroom also seemed to set lots of gadgets off, she says she would often get hotspots in here and sometimes wakes early in the morning gasping for breath. Breathlessness was also experienced by an investigator during the walk through. I was sat in the panelled bedroom next door where the atmosphere was quite comfortable. Once the pub was clear of customers we settled into the back bar where the farmers are seen. We set up some trigger objects on a table, a tankard, some wheat and some old keys. Although we thought we had heard the keys jangle at one point, there had been no movement. The emf in this area was extreme at times and very low at others. We didn't really know what to make of this, there was no pattern to it and we had no explanation concerning electrics etc. We wondered if there were some kinds of power surges. Motion sensors weren't activated. Nothing unusual seen in the laser grid. Nothing audible heard through the Spirit Box. Someone thought they saw something like a cat shape move through the bar (not the actual pub cat) and a scuffle noise was heard at the same time. We moved into the main bar area and asked for taps on the fireplace. At first we thought we were getting a response but we concluded that these noises were more likely to be machinery behind the bar. We had hoped for more activity as so much had been reported, but alas it was quite a calm night. Hopefully there will be some evp's. Fantastic location.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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