The Bear Hotel

We investigated The Bear, Devizes on Sunday evening as it was one of the quieter nights for the hotel and generally for the town.

This building has a long history as it was granted its first license in 1559 and was probably trading before then. Its had a great many important guests, King George III, Queen Charlotte, Princess Victoria, Edward VII, even the infamous Judge Jeffreys.

Sir Thomas Lawrence, the famous portrait painter was a child prodigy and lived here as a boy.

Resident ghosts include a grey lady, said to be a coach traveller who wanders the corridors and a strong male presence in the cellars. There is an account of a lady who had a timeslip experience while standing outside the hotel. She witnessed a dinner scene on an upper floor where maids wearing mob caps passed to and fro as if serving at table and waiters carried decanters on trays. She checked with staff and there had been no such party that day.

We were joined by Rachel and Sarah from Night frights paranormal and we started the investigation in Bedroom 4 which is said to be the most active.

We had a few interesting things happen in here. A motion sensor sat near the doorway was set off twice when no one was near it, a bed seemed to be vibrating (it didn't coincide with passing traffic) and a strange black streak was seen by two people, also near the doorway.

We next went to the cellars. Starting in the sub-cellar which is now a rarely used storage area. You can see where old tunnels have been blocked off, rumours are that they led to the castle.

Sarah who is sensitive had been picking up on a young dirty looking boy she felt was named Thomas. A string of bells, a balloon and an LED ball were used as trigger objects. The ball, which has to be moved to set off the lights did set off twice, we also had some activity on our devices even though we felt this had been quite a flat atmosphere.

Next we went up to the Cellar Bar. We sat in the main bar area and Rachel seemed to be inexplicably moved to tears even though she felt fine. We had some very unusual activity on Rem Pods, Mel and EMF meters and several people felt a big drop in temperature even though we were all comfortably warm throughout the night. We left Dave to do a lone vigil in the top nook area where we thought we had seen some movement.

Up in the Ballroom, we sat around a central table and called out. At first we thought we were getting some tap responses but this was quickly debunked as an external drip from the earlier rain.

Our last investigation area was The Siddons Room (Sarah Siddons, famous actress) We were told there had been a death in this room, but no further details. Again, we had some responses on our devices, we were aware we were near to the road in this room so had to account for passing taxi's etc, however it was extremely quiet outside by this time.

To conclude, we had a few bits and pieces to keep it interesting. We didn't have time to investigate all the areas we had access too, but we thank The Bear Hotel for accommodating us.


This episode of Ghost Response will be available  to watch on Amazon Prime later this year


Thanks to everyone involved.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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2-3 The Market Pl, Devizes SN10 1HS