The Green Dragon

A short investigation of this pub last night. Thanks to Spiriteam for the invite and to the landlords for allowing us access.

This was originally cottages but became a pub around 1740 and that it was originally named The Angel. We know that a local magistrate, William Hunt used to hold petty sessions hearings here between 1744-49. By 1830 it was also a posting house and excise office.

Rupert Brooke, the First World War poet who wrote 'The Soldier' visited, he wasn't impressed with the food (however we found it much improved. I recommend the mango chicken, yum!)

There has been activity noted here for many years and speaking to some long standing customers (over 30 years) there are many tales of apparitions and out of bounds locked rooms.

The current landlord gave a first hand account of encountering the ghost - three times on the same morning. He was seen sitting at a table reading the newspaper and smoking a pipe, wearing a mackintosh and trilby hat. He was mistaken for a regular customer until the landlord realising that it was too early for the pub to be open, addressed the man only to see him vanish before his eyes! Other landlords have known this gentleman as 'George' and believe he is from the 1930's era.

Activity is general. Shadowy movements, especially in the upstairs corridor, objects being moved etc.

Static cameras were set up and we focused on one bedroom and stairwell which was of interest. One investigator really didn't like the feel of this room, we did have a couple of odd moments with equipment that malfunctioned at the same time, however this could be coincidence. A shadow was seen near the fireplace which will have to be checked on film. I don't feel we had any definite responses to calling out, but we will check the digital recorders. More time spent in the corridor, office, bathroom and in the bar area where the apparition was seen. It felt quite quiet overall so we are pinning our hopes on some evp's.

Pleasant company, close to home, enjoyable evening.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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