The Mill House

The house was built around the 1660's and was for a time, used as a rectory. During this time, one little boy born to the rector, grew up to be a very influential politician, poet and essayist named Joseph Addison.

The house was associated with the village mill which was used until around 1920 and later demolished. The barn on the property is the last remaining mill building left standing.

The occupants report regular activity including apparitions. A male with no discernible features and a lady in a black cloak has been seen in the master bedroom, children have also been seen, often in the garden. Footsteps are heard, tv's and lights go on and off by themselves and cupboard doors and drawers have been found open.

While setting up cameras, one investigator thought he saw a male figure down on the bridge, checked it out and no one was there - good start!

We were joined by Ray Jorden, who you may know from such shows as 'Haunting Australia' and 'Paranormal 5' and the investigation was to be filmed for Spiriteam's Amazon prime show Ghost Response, which will be available to watch shortly.

We started investigating the bedrooms. It seemed fairly peaceful here although we thought we could hear noises from downstairs. We decided these should be checked out as no one was down there.

A couple of people described being breathless and having the taste of a bonfire or burnt toast in their mouths. Could this be connected to a fire that happened in the house?

People were experiencing lots of strange things in this reception room like feeling very hot and then shivering cold, and ears were popping. Asking out for signs, there was a tap on the window, which made everyone jump!

While this was going on, I positioned myself at the top of the stairs and listened for noises. There were a few I couldn't account for along the landing which is said to be an active area where a shadow figure has been seen.

We moved on to the barn. The owners have described hearing footsteps and an uncomfortable feeling on the upper floor. We headed up there and started to call out. We seemed to get knock responses almost straight away, lots of knocks responses, often in pairs. There was also an instance of 'something ' falling to the floor making a noise, however we were unable to find anything. Two people said this area made them feel dizzy, as if they had motion sickness. The floor wasn't noticeably unlevel.

Back at the house we split up. The master bedroom had strange activity with the cameras shutting off, at one point, shutting off on command.

One investigator decided to do a lone vigil down at the bridge where he thought he saw a figure. He reported lots of emf results, where there should have been absolutely none. He also thought he heard a whistle.

We finished up in the sitting room. Calling out we were getting the same responsive knocks and possibly faint footsteps overhead. We were also rewarded with the tv turning itself on and off twice. The owners said that this tv set had never done that before to their knowledge, although it had happened to other tv's in the house. That rounded off the night nicely.

Thanks to everyone involved, especially Kirsty and Adam Watts.



Written by Selena Wright - Paranormal Wiltshire and Spiriteam member

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